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Virtual Doula Support

What if you knew you could have a knowledgeable expert, listening ear, and birth/postpartum concierge in your pocket, day and night? Would you feel less stressed? Calmer? More prepared? You can!

Virtual Birth Support~$500

Virtual Birth Support includes unlimited phone/text/e-mail support from the time of hire to 1 week postpartum, weekly video chats during pregnancy, on-call support for your birth, and one postpartum follow up video chat after the birth. You will receive all the benefits of hiring an in person doula–individualized childbirth education, guidance on writing your birth plan, training on comfort measures for birth, a knowledgeable friend with years of experience to answer all your questions, and support for your unique goals and wishes. Your virtual doula is still on call for your birth. When labor begins, you simply call your virtual doula and let her know. As labor progresses, she is available any time day or night to talk on the phone, text, or provide video chat support to you and your partner, help you think through decisions, or offer suggestions. Once baby is born, you will have a follow up chat sometime in the first 1 week to process the birth, talk about recovery, and answer any questions you might have.

Virtual Postpartum Support~$200

Virtual Postpartum Support includes unlimited phone/text/e-mail support and weekly video check-ins for 6 weeks postpartum. Your virtual doula is available any time you have questions about baby, your recovery, breastfeeding, or anything else. She’s always ready to lend a listening ear and emotional support. Postpartum is a huge transition and can be intense–a virtual postpartum doula is an expert in your pocket whose focus is supporting you on your unique journey. Need recommendations for baby gear? I’ve got you! Breastfeeding or bottle feeding questions? I can help! Just need someone to listen and help you process emotions? I’m here for that too!

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