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Mother-Centered Support from Pregnancy to Postpartum

You are not meant to walk this journey alone! Your doula will walk with you each step of the way, supporting your choices for your birth, your body, and your baby.

About Jessica McGilvray

Mothercraft Birth and Lactation

Mother, Certified Doula, Lactation Counselor, Student Midwife–years of experience and education, a passion for birth and breastfeeding, and a love for serving women.

How we can help you!

Mothercraft Birth Services

Birth Support

Get pregnancy and birth support tailored to your unique needs, focused on your birth choices with an experienced, caring doula who is there just for you!

Virtual Doula

Have a knowledgeable expert, listening ear, and birth/postpartum concierge at your fingertips!!

Placenta Encapsulation

Do you want more balanced hormones, more energy, and increased milk supply postpartum? Placenta encapsulation can help!

Benefits of Doula Care

Why choose a doula?

Individual Care

Your prenatal care focuses on your specific needs.

Breastfeeding Education

We provide breastfeeding education for both parents.

Holistic approach

We support you body-mind-spirit.


Home Births and Hospital Births Supported

Childbirth Education

We provide evidence based childbirth education.


We have high levels of training and experience.

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What our clients say

"It is always scary when entering the unknown of child birth. No matter how many videos or reading is done in preparation it is always with a scary nervousness. This is where Jessica came in and helped us tremendously. Not only did she explain and talk to us about our plan, but made sure that the hospital staff understood what we wanted and was followed. She laid out the good and bad of every decision. She stood besides my wife and me in our 32 hour journey. Jessica was a god sent and I appreciate the importance of a good doula."
Pete P.
"Without Jessica, I’m not sure I would have been able to have my daughter naturally. She was an immense help during my labor and very skilled in multiple techniques for natural pain relief. She relieved much of my stress during the whole birth process by being able to skillfully answer many questions and worries I had. My husband said after the birth that he was SO glad we had Jessica there and that we really had needed her, and were so glad with our choice to use her! I would DEFINITELY recommend Jessica to any and everyone, no matter what kind of birth you want. She is amazing!"
Kara T.